Oklahoma High School Baseball
Coaches Hall of Fame
Women's Oklahoma Golf Association
Hall of Fame
Coach John and
Della Schwartz
American Indian Athletic
Hall of Fame Oklahoma Inductees
Over 80 outstanding High School and College coaches
from Oklahoma are honored here. Included in the Hall
of Fame are:

John Schwartz, Gordon Morgan, Murl Bowen, Lloyd
Simmons, Gary Ward, Enos Semore and many more.

In addition, the TCSM honors the Founders of the
Oklahoma High School Baseball Coaches Association
from 1966 and the National Sunbelt Classic Baseball
Hall of Fame.
The TCSM honors 9 outstanding female golfers who have
contributed much to Women's Golf in Oklahoma. Among these
outstanding golfers are:

Susie Maxwell Bernig, Dena Dills Nowothy, Patty McGraw Coatney,
Carol Belcher Collins, Patti Blanton and others.
Honored by the TCSM on a plaque in the Native
American Gallery are 45 outstanding athletes from

Listed on the plaque are their names, sport and tribe.
Included among these outstanding athletes are:

Charles "Chief" Bender, Jim Thorpe, John Levi, Allie
Reynolds, Jesse Renich, Austin Tincup, Moses Yellow
Horse, Andrew "Andy" Payne
, Gene Stevenson and
many others
Honoring the Women's
Oklahoma Golf Association
Hall of Fame
In Recognition of the accomplishments of
Native Americans in Oklahoma Sports

Artifacts from the career of Allie Reynolds
are but a few of the interesting
displays in the HOF
In the Hall of Fame Gallery, visitors will find
numerous plaques and recognitions given
to Oklahoma's coaches along with an area
dedicated to the Founders of the HOF.
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This beautiful portrait  by
Charles Banks Wilson of Jim
Thorpe, Olympian, Sports
Icon, Native American,
Oklahoman, hangs in the
American Indian Hall of Fame.
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